US praises Kiev’s new law undermining Minsk Agreements

US praises Kiev's new law undermining Minsk Agreements

Today, October 7th, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s representative Vladislav Surkov met with the US State Department’s Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker in Belgrade. The backstory of this meeting is the Ukrainian parliament’s adoption of two bills on October 6th in their first readings, namely, no. 7163 (known as the “reintegration of Donbass bill”) and […]

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Trump and Putin at the G20 – Part 2: The Ukrainian Problem Still Front and Center

Continued from Part 1 More material for analyzing the tentative results of the meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin can be derived from none other than the Ukrainian question. First of all, the G20 summit was a big, unpleasant surprise for the Ukrainian government. President Poroshenko was not invited to the summit, a decision made […]

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