Terrorist War on Russia: Mini-explosion in Rostov highlights string of attacks

Today at 7:20 A.M. in the center of Russia’s Rostov-on-Don, the largest city on the border with Ukraine numbering one million people, an explosion broke out not far from school #5. A passerby had picked up an abandoned flashlight and turned it on, only for the flashlight to detonate and explode in his hands. As a result, the 46-year-old man lost his hand.

After the explosion, checks were carried out in all of the city’s educational institutions and school #5 was evacuated. According to some reports, Rostov-on-Don already expected a terrorist attack several days ago (before Saint Petersburg), and counter-terrorist operations were carried out.

Today, I managed to contact an expert (who wished to remain anonymous) on Islamic terrorism who is famous in the region and Russia. They offered the following commentary:

Today’s explosion in Rostov is a tiny episode in the larger terrorist war against Russia. It must be considered in the context of the confrontation between Russia and the West. In particular, American politicians are accusing Russia of aggression in the Middle East and the whole West’s resources to confront Russia in Europe.

Let us recall that several resonant acts of terrorism have occurred in Russia in a very brief span of time lately. Islamist Kazakh immigrants attacked policemen in Astrakhan (a regional center in South Russia), killing two. A bit earlier, Islamists attacked a unit of the Russian National Guard in Chechnya, killing 6 serviceman. Finally, there was the explosion in Saint Petersburg organized by a suicide terrorist from Kyrgyzstan, specifically the city of Osh where the terrorist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has strong positions.

These terrorist attacks (there is no information on the explosion in Rostov yet, so we’ll exclude it from the list) were organized by Islamists. ISIS even took the responsibility for the explosion in Chechnya. But it is not obvious that the ones ultimately behind, ordering these attacks are Islamists.

The fact that terrorist activity is concentrating in Russia and terrorist attacks (including those of Islamist sleeper cells) are taking place in a brief span of time speaks to the fact that they have one boss and organizer. The West is most likely the one ordering this.

Another side working on destabilizing Russia is the “non-systemic opposition” headed by Navalny organizing rallies. These are different methods but similar end goals in the “work” of Islamists and the liberal opposition, which boil down to overthrowing the existing order.

President Putin has made Russia an independent power center and the Western elites do not like this. Therefore, these attempts at destabilizing Russia in different ways (not only by terrorist and political means, but also economic) will continue and intensify.

To recall, in my recent commentary on the terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg, I concluded that the bombing was part of an operation to disrupt the presidential elections in Russia upcoming in March 2018.

Originally published on fort-russ.com