Nazi “National Squads” flood Kiev, herald “fascist renaissance”

Nazi "National Squads" flood Kiev, herald "fascist renaissance"

For several days now, mass media in both Ukraine and Russia have been discussing with undisguised anxiety and fear the Nazi march held in Kiev on January 28th. The National Corps party, founded on the basis of the notorious Azov regiment, demonstratively swore in the newly founded “National Squads”, i.e., units of young militants who have been compared to Ernst Rohm’s SA Nazi stormtroopers.

The head of the National Corps party and Verkhovna Rada deputy, Andrey Biletsky, whose supporters call him the “White Leader”, personally oversaw the parade of Ukrainian Nazi stormtroopers on Independence Square (the Maidan), and swore in the six hundred gathered, after which the “squads” marched through the center of Kiev, much to the alarm of both politicians and the public.

“We are many. We are not afraid to use force to establish Ukrainian Order in the streets” – with such a slogan the new stormtroopers took to the streets in a marching, torchlit spectacle which has evidently frightened both the “Euro-integration” camp and supporters of President Poroshenko.

Examining as I regularly do the oppositional Ukrainian press and social networks, I can confirm Russian journalists’ suspicions that these events have engulfed Ukraine not only in fear, but sheer terror. Judging by some articles by Ukrainian citizens of Jewish heritage, one might even expect an increased emigration flow to Israel if things continue as they are.

Meanwhile, other journalists and commentators, including the most well-known Ukrainian politicians and political analysts, are essentially gloating. Indeed, the logical next step of the Euromaidan is being accomplished: the Nazis who brought the kleptocratic Poroshenko regime into power are now demanding power for themselves. Since the very first days following the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014 and in countless articles on Fort Russ, I have forecasted an inevitable, new, and outright Nazi Maidan, arguing that Ukrainian Nazi #1, Andrey Biletsky, will become the fuhrer of Ukraine.

During my recent discussions with the chairman of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Boris Litvinov, I referred to the current Ukrainian regime as a “Nazi-oligarchic” one. Litvinov suggested a fundamental clarification, namely, that the Kiev regime is an “oligarchic-Nazi” regime. This terminological shift in fact accurately reflects the nature of power relations in Ukraine following February 21st, 2014.

The Nazi street movement feels cheated – after all, they were the ones that formed the fighting bands of the Euromaidan and the backbone of the “volunteer battalions” in Donbass during the first, anarchic months of war. The Ukrainian government has cleverly manipulated the potential of Ukrainian Nazis by co-opting their leaders into the political class – such as by allowing Biletsky to be a Verkhovna Rada deputy – and pushing the masses of rank-and-file Nazis into the frontline of the carnage of the war in Donbass. The Nazis were thus pushed out of power in the strategic sphere, not to mention being barred from financial and administrative resources and the international connections that exercise considerable influence in Ukraine. Now this stalemate that the Nazis have faced could change.

Andrey Biletsky is the most strategically-minded leader of all the Ukrainian Nazis, as my article on Patriot of Ukraine clearly suggested. Allow me to recall, moreover, that I wrote this article and had it published in the journal of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies back in 2010, when Biletsky’s organization was essentially a regional dwarf compared to the larger and more media-famous Svoboda, UNA-UNSO, and Stepan Bandera Trident organizations. These articles of mine were updated and published on Fort Russ in November, 2016 (click the pictures below).

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