Ukrainian Nazis pledge 300 fighters to suppress “Catalan separatism”

Ukrainian Nazis pledge 300 fighters to suppress "Catalan separatism"

According to Ukrainian media reports from October 28th, the All-Ukrainian ATO Veterans Union has formed a battalion of volunteers to be sent to defend the unity of the Spanish state. Three representatives of Ukrainian Nazi volunteer battalions issued this announcement on behalf of the veterans’ union, claiming that a corps of 300 militants has already […]

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PACEfied? Council of Europe slams Kiev’s “Nazification” law

PACEfied? Council of Europe slams Kiev's "Nazification" law

October 12th turned out to be a wealthy day of events surrounding Europe’s reaction to the “humanitarian Nazification” policies pursued by the Ukrainian government. The issue at hand is Kiev’s new “On Education” law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in September which envisions switching the whole country’s education system to exclusively the Ukrainian language by […]

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Hungary on the Offensive: PACE to Debate Ukraine’s New Education Law

Hungary on the Offensive: PACE to Debate Ukraine's New Education Law

On October 12th, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will hold a debate on the new Ukrainian education law. This point was urgently added to the agenda of PACE’s autumn plenary during the recent session of the organization’s bureau. More specifically, it was Hungary and Poland’s parliamentary representatives who called for a […]

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It’s High Time for a Polish-Russian Alliance Against Ukrainian Nazism

As many might have noticed, this past week has been marked by a political and diplomatic duel between Poland and Ukraine. The spouts which fueled this conflict were the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affair’s proclamation that Banderism is inadmissible in the EU and the Ukrainian side’s reaction. Although squabbles between Poland and Ukraine have been […]

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Visa-Free Dead End: Millions of Ukrainian Migrants to Drain Ukraine, Flood Europe

On June 11th, Ukraine triumphantly and pompously celebrated the introduction of visa-free travel to European Union countries. This event was presented by the Kiev government as, without exaggeration, the opening of a new historic era in the country’s history and a “farewell” to the Soviet legacy. Is this really so? And what will visa-free travel […]

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